Jesus Stood Still

Matthew 20:29-34

In this passage we find Jesus do something unusual, whilst on journey on a dangerous road climbing up hundred of meters, he was teaching his disciple along with numerous followers and at the cry of two men he stopped. Jesus stoped for two blind men who were begging on the side of the road, but they called out to Jesus to have mercy on them. Jesus didn’t ignore them, he didn’t even assume he knew what they wanted, he stopped and listened.

I think this is something we are not very good at in our lives, taking time to stop and be with people and just listen. I remember when I first moved to Oakley Vale I was encouraged to just take some time to listen tot he community, and this is where I formed some of the key relationships that shaped what St Benny’s became. By allowing myself time to spend with folk, hearing their stories listening for the desires of their hearts and not requiring anything of them and then simply offering what can I do to help. Sometimes it would be prayer, maybe it would be some personal assistance or to help out in a community project. I found that being willing to give my time to them people really felt I was their to serve them. It also meant I grew to know that community so that the church we started was something relevant, shaped but the people who lived there not my grand ideas.

I guess the challenge for me is, can I be there again. In this new context can I find the time to just be, to be present in every situation. It seems like a them is building across this week of ‘being present’. Not looking for what is to come or dwelling on what happened but having sense of space to be in situation I find myself in.

I think this challenge is not just for my relationships with others but with God too. Ian challenged to be present in prayer. I have a tendency to have my mind half way out the door or on the next task and rush to the Amen without giving God chance to speak. When I choose to spend time with God in prayer I need to make it possible for my cries to God to be answered by “what do you want me to do for you”. I need to be brave, to ask God to change me to make me more like Jesus so I can have the patience and the time to Stand Still and minister to those who God has put in my care.

June 23, 2017

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